How to Change Your MAC Address

While most of us believe that it is the IP address that is significant in contacting another computer on the network, it is not the only factor.

A Network card is a term used in short for a Network interface card. We call it NIC for short. While the IP address is the software part of the Network Interface card Network card or NIC , the MAC address is hardware address, without which data packets will just keep on roaming on the network, as they do not have any address where to deliver the data.

Each data packet on the network has a header containing MAC address of the computer you wish to connect to and then the data. The last part of the data packet will contain a bit to ascertain if the data bit was correctly delivered or was it corrupted or changed during the transmission.

This Address Resolution Protocol first obtains the IP address of the computer to be contacted and then resolves it into the MAC address before embedding it into header of the data packets so that they are delivered exactly to the computer intended and not to any other computer in the network.

Opinions about Change MAC Address

But unlike only four numeric characters separated by full colons to make it look like a four digit sets x 4 parts, the MAC address is a combination of alpha-numeric characters. It is a set of six characters separated by six full colons. Also, unlike the four characters used in IP address per set, the MAC address employs only two characters per set. Here is an example of a MAC address for your understanding:.

Select your wireless network connection from Connection drop-down list.

Cara Mengganti Mac Address di PC/Laptop dengan Mudah

Click Change MAC address command on the left panel. Click Continue on warning message window.

Change MAC address dialog appears. Using this dialog you may generate a random MAC address or type your own value. In Windows 7, you may see a warning message window if the new MAC address of wireless adapter is not an available value. You can also disable and re-enable your adapter within Windows for the change to become effective without rebooting. Check that the changes took effect. It should be your new MAC address. Method 2.

Find your network adapter's ID information. In order to easily identify your network adapter in the Windows Registry, you'll want to gather some basic information about it through the Command Prompt.

Bluetooth MAC Address Changer for Windows

Note the Description and Physical Address for the active network device. Ignore devices that aren't active Media Disconnected. Type net config rdr and press Enter. Open the Registry Editor. This will open the Registry Editor, which will allow you to change the settings for your network card. Making incorrect changes to the registry can cause your system to malfunction.

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Navigate to the registry key. Expand it by clicking the arrow. Find your adapter.

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There will be several folders labeled "", "", etc. Open each of these and compare the DriverDesc field to the Description you noted in the first step.

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Right-click on the folder that matches your device. For example, if the "" folder matches your device, right-click on the folder.

Change MAC Address

Name the new value "NetworkAddress". Double-click the new Network Address entry. In the "Value data" field, enter your new MAC address. Ensure that the MAC address is formatted properly. Some adapters especially Wi-Fi cards are unforgiving of MAC addresses changes if the first octet's 2nd half isn't a 2,6,A,E or begins with a zero. Should I do a system backup? There are many MAC addresses in the world, so the chances of having the same one on the same network are slim.

Don't worry about it unless you have changed two devices to that MAC address.